Google had introduced the Google Now launched along with the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The new experience launcher was unveiled exclusively to the Nexus 5 users, and it came with some interesting changes, but the main change was that now Google Now could be accessed directly on the homescreen. Although the launcher was launched exclusively for the Nexus 5 users, Google has announced that it will now bring it on the Google Play store, so that other Android users can also experience it.

Although no official release date of the launcher has been announced, with all the leaks and rumors it seems that it is all set to come soon. The launched has been renamed to Google Now launcher in the Nexus 5, in the over-the-air updates. This might indicate that the main purpose of the final stand alone launcher will be to ease the access to Google Now.

But if you are a geek who simply can’t wait for an official update of the launcher, you can get the Google Now launcher by following these simple steps –

  • Downlaod GoogleHome.apk, transfer it to your Android device, and install the file.
  • Update Google Search to the latest version.
  • Now simple press the home button, and on the screen set the Google Now launcher as your default launcher.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and set it up!

Or to ease your task even further, there is a simple app called the SF Launcher Beta on Play Store, which is very similar to the Google Now launcher. Simply install that app, and enjoy Google, now!

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  1. Sachin Antony

    I dont think that google should be the most important thing in my smartphone.But should give it a try.Thanks for the review Brahmnoor

    • Brahmnoor Singh

      Exactly my point, Google is just everywhere, and I guess I don’t like it too much. I mean Google knows just about everything about us, be it our Google_ profile, or data on Google Chrome, or even our Google searches, Google is just everywhere!! :O


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