Gangstar Vegas has been updated to v1.1 by Gameloft. The Gangstar Vegas v1.1 is an open-world action game for iPhone and iPad. This update for the Gangstar Vegas has been codenamed as Mojave Apocalypse, and it brings over eleven new missions, and 3 new vehicles in the game. Gangstar Vegas was released in June this year, and this is one of the first major update to the game.

The new update also brings new battle gear for jason, and new weapons. Gangstar Vegas v1.1 also has new type of challenges, jobs and races.

Gangstar Vegas v1.1 Update

New features in Gangstar Vegas v1.1

  • Eleven new missions, with two new types namely skydive, and delivery.
  • Three new vehicles, the sand soldier, Mojave Maw, and Badland Bully.
  • Other below the hood improvements, and bug fixes.
  • New weapon, the sawed Off shotgun.
  • Reworked free-fall feature for skydiving.

Gangstar Vegas v1.1 has brought about many new features like new missions and weapons. The price of the Gangstar Vegas v1.1 too has been reduced from Rs. 390 to Rs. 270. With new features, and price reduction, the Gangstar Vegas v1.1 has suddenly become a decent game.

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