Continuing to launch a premium range of accessories HTC has announced the HTC BoomBass bluetooth speakers that have built in NFC feature. The new HTC BoomBass have dedicated amplifier, which provides a much clearer, and more powerful bass audio. It also enhances audio even in low range frequencies. The BoomBass is built in the share of a cube, and offers a slide out base that allows you to place it anywhere easily.

HTC BoomBass Bluetooth Speakers Price in India

As for compatibility, the HTC BoomBass is compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled device. It also has NFC connectivity for connection to certain HTC devices. The BoomBass is powered by 1200 mAh battery that gives it 9 hours of non-stop playback time.

The HTC BoomBass ships with microUSB charger, that can be used to recharge it. The HTC BoomBass price in India has not yet been announced, but the product is expected to be available from mid October.

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