The biggest project of the year 2013 is got to be the Google Glass. The Google Glass changes just about everything in this world. Just imagine rushing to the airport and getting the updates of your flight in front of your eyes without doing anything ! This is what the Google Glass promises to do. The Google Glass was talked about a lot in the year 2012, and now finally Google has announced the Google Glass, and here is the Google Glass Price in India, and Google Glass Specs.According to the official Google Glass website the price of the Google Glass is USD 1500 only for a selected few. The Google Glass is no longer available to buy but it is likely to hit the markets in the Q2 of the year 2013. Also, the Google Glass runs on Android, which interestingly has been made by Google. The Google Glass look like normal goggles, and that is until you wear them on. Actually, the are high tech device that runs on Android OS, and does just about everything your mobile is able to do with just as much as a voice command. You have to say just Hello Glass, and the glass hears all that you speak to it !

The Google Glass comes with GPS, and motion sensors. There will also be WiFi, and Bluetooth, that may be used to connect the Glasses with a smartphone for 3G/ 4G sharing and for other connectivity options. The Google Glass also features camera, and GPS which keeps track of your location, and allows you to navigate with just a voice command.

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Also, what the Google Glass speaks, only you will be able to listen as the Google Glass uses induction meathod that vibrates the skull to send sound into your inner ear.

The Google Glass allows you to take pictures, videos, send SMS, chat, and navigate, and you don’t have to touch a sing thing to do all this.

This just shows to tell how much the technology has advanced. 2 years ago there were big PCs, then came laptops with the PC in your bag. And then came the mobile with PCs in your pocket. And now the PCs in your goggles !

Google Glass Price In India

The Google Glass has been priced at USD 1500, and should come at around Rs. 50,000 in India. But no word has been out yet.
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